Welcome to Project Return

Project Return is solely dedicated to the successful new beginnings of people who are returning to our community after incarceration. We provide the resources and services needed to gain employment and build full and free lives.

The Stories

In their words: new beginnings after incarceration.

The Impact

The hallmarks of our services are high job acquisition and low recidivism.

The Work
The Work

Learn more about our signature services, social enterprises, skill elevation, and employment.

“I am glad I wrote to you, and I am glad you answered. Without Project Return, I would not be where I am today.” – Kim

When Kim got out of prison, she was unemployed, but determined to start on a new path, which is why he came to Project Return.

“People at Project Return are making the return of their lives, coming back from incarceration to our community, often with little more than the shirts on their backs and a criminal record.”

At Project Return, we meet the need with opportunity, changing one life at a time by propelling folks toward employment while making sure basic needs are met. Our people have done their time, paid their debt, and want to work on the path of a successful return.

Our Achievements and Recognition

Nashville Chamber
Project Return won the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Impact Award for Business Development in Fall of 2017.
In Spring 2015, Project Return received Cable’s Power of Inclusion Award for our work in reintegrating - against the odds and the reluctance of employers and landlords - a stigmatized ex-offender population back into our community.
NEXT - Nashville Chamber and EC Social Enterprise Winner
Project Return won the Chamber’s and Entrepreneur Center’s Nashville NEXT Award for Start-Up in November 2015.
REDF - “SE4Jobs” National Accelerator Fellow
In 2016, Project Return was one of 18 organizations across the country (and the only one in the South) chosen for the REDF Accelerator program for jobs-creating work.
Innovation Catalyst
In 2017, Project Return was chosen to take its latest innovation through this catalyst cohort at the Center for Nonprofit Management.
Bank of America - Neighborhood Builder Award Winner
In 2014, in recognition of our significant impact in addressing the needs related to community development, basic human services, and workforce development and education.
Stand Together Catalyst
In 2018, Project Return was invited to be a part of the sixth cohort of the Stand Together Catalyst program, a national social enterprise accelerator.