Who We Serve

Project Return works with people who want more than anything to start a new life after incarceration and leave prison behind. We are committed to every person’s humanity and dignity, and their right to live fully and freely in this world.

Who We Serve - Project Return
Markeith - Project Return
  • “I learned that there is a possibility for honest work for me after incarceration.”

  • “When I got released I had little hope. Now, I know I have hope!”

  • “You gotta crawl before you learn to walk. Now, I can walk wherever I want to.”

  • “I feel like a person again. Not an animal in a cage.”


“If you put your ability to work, you can achieve more than you think you can. I plan on opening my own business. Never give up.”

– Tracy

“If I had known about Project Return years ago,
I never would have gone back to prison.
Now I am staying out for good.”
– Dwayne