Pro Housing

Homes Acquired and Rehabbed

Imagine not having a place to sleep at night despite working hard and earning well.

Homelessness is a major obstacle – second only to employment – for people returning from incarceration. In 2017 we launched Project Return Opportunities for Housing (PROh), an affordable housing initiative dedicated specifically to meet the permanent housing needs of people who’ve returned from incarceration, and have gotten their new lives on track, but unfortunately are excluded from rental opportunities due to their conviction history.

PROh is not about transitional halfway housing, and it is not about creating compounds or enclaves for a targeted population. Rather, it is a replication of the private rental market, in which we purchase and rehab modest homes. With PROh, we are preserving affordable housing stock across Nashville; our motivated PROe workers gain paid, hands-on experience in construction rehab and maintaining property; and hard-working Nashvillians are getting a place they can call home.

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Photo: Larry McCormack / The Tennessean

“When I walked in the first time, I said, Mac you did it. Here I have serenity, a sense of tranquility… I didn’t envision this, but I hoped for it.” – McArthur